Vixen Sound

Thurs 7th January, 2021

Photograph: Amadeus Brzezinski

Phoebe Inglis-Holmes, aka Vixen Sound, knows a thing or two about dub. The Mungo's Hi-Fi & Scotch Bonnet family member has a fierce love for all things heavy on the low end and the know-how to match. Ahead of her BBC Scotland show, Phoebe picked out five tracks that are sure to put a smile on your face...

Von D - Analog Sound

Analog Sound / Egoless

Scrub A Dub, EP (2016)

'When I was first starting to think about DJing, I went to one of my favourite Scottish festivals and walked into the best tent to hear a DJ I really really respect opening with this tune, which at the time was brand new. I was all chuffed with myself that I recognised it, thinking I was big licks when I recognised the next couple of tracks as well. It was the first time I’d thought to myself “wait, if I know all of these tunes then surely I could play them too?” If I hadn’t heard this track through massive speakers in that exact moment I’m not sure I would have ever begun playing out.'

Stephanie - Jah Love Is The Key

Jah Love Is The Key

Inspirational Sound, EP (2010)

'I try my best to stay away from music that is particularly ‘Jah’ when I DJ, because I’m a white Scottish woman, not a Rasta, but everything about this song is exceptional, and it always, always goes down amazingly with a crowd. The heavy skank, the melody, the LYRICS! ‘If I never see the strife, what can I learn of life’; it’s basically about keeping the faith that you’ll make it through when everything is shite, which is a universal feeling, particularly right now.'

Danny T & Tradesman ft. Lutan Fyah - Dance A Gwaan

Built For Sound

Scotch Bonnet Records, LP (2017)

'This song is major for me for a variety of reasons; first off, it was released on Scotch Bonnet Records which is the record label I work for. Secondly, I heard it for the first time at Walk n Skank, a club night I was previously a resident in alongside Mungo’s Hi Fi, and that I now run. Working both at Scotch Bonnet and Walk n Skank is an ongoing dream come true, but this song reminds me time and time again that the most important part of working within soundsystem culture is keeping it alive and spreading the word so that MCs, DJs, box builders and lifters, soundmen and the rest can keep doing this; that the next generation learn the love for it too, and pass it on, and so on.  It was all there before I came along and it will all be there long after I’m gone and that’s beautiful.'

Queen Omega & Gold Up - My Flow


Evidence Music, Digital (2020)

'I love massive sound systems and heavy bass, but playing a dancehall set always makes me high with happiness because I love uplifting and empowering women and you can always see dancehall doing just this. The power and poise of the voice of Queen Omega is unreal. She’s someone I’ve been listening to since I first started getting into reggae, so hearing her on some fresh, not OTT-produced dancehall, is wicked. I play this one at top volume when I need to put a smile on my face and make my day great.'

Denise Sherwood - Won't Bow Down

This Road

Evergreen Recordings, LP (2020)

'Firece lyrics, female vocal, exceptional instrumentation, a brass and keys dubbed-out breakdown, AND a heavy skank?! This track by Denise Sherwood ticks all of the boxes I could ever want ticked. I could wax lyrical about being a woman working in music and I do feel like being a woman in soundsystem can be particularly perilous. This track is a giant finger middle up to any and all who challenge female ability and it even draws on some jazz influences too.'

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