Seher Roychowdhury

Monday, 15th March 2021

Words: Seher Roychowdhury
Photographs: Seher Roychowdhury

Seher Roychowdhury presents two series of images that encapsulate the different aspects of her work and style. The first of these exemplifies Seher's keen eye for intricate urban landscapes and subtle compositions, whilst the second invites us into dark and loud rooms to share in intimate moments of dancefloor driven unity.  

Reflecting on the series, Seher accompanies each with a track that she feels fits the range of energies and emotions she has managed to distil into 35mm film...

I took these in various cities while with friends or alone, simply walking around. If I see something, I photograph it, without much thought as to why. In hindsight, it’s about capturing glossed over details in everyday life.

One of the songs I think of when looking at these, is 'Abusey Junction' by KOKOROKO. I listen to it a lot when I am a little lost or just want to relax.

These photographs [below] were taken over the last five years during what seems like a completely different lifetime. Photographing gigs is what made me begin to take the art more seriously - I wanted to capture the feelings of those around me. Being able to document music and the joy it brings is just incredible and I have made some wonderful friends by doing so.

Two songs that these collectively bring to mind, is 'Lite Spots' by KAYTRANADA and 'Bonita Applebum (Sir Piers & Is Ashton’s Curious House Mix)' by A Tribe Called Quest. These are two songs (out of many) that would frequently be playing on the dance floor when I started doing this and they bring back only the best of memories.

Find more of Seher's photos & follow her work on Instagram.

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