Thu, 19th November, 2020

Glasgow DJ, Maveen is kept busy with an output of wide reaching mixes, streams and radio shows. An Era Suite, Fuse and Shakara family member, he is as comfortable in the realms of afrobeat & soul as he is in techno & UKG. Sharing a slice of his know-how with Front Left, Maveen picked out five tracks that have resonated with him over the years.

Slum Village - Fall In Love

Fantastic, Vol. 2

Good Vibe Recordings, LP (2000)

'Slum Village, particularly J Dilla and how he would choose his samples got me into listening to all types of music from across the world. This song in particular takes me back to my boom-bap phase, I remember dedicating my tumbler handle to this one.'

LSDXOXO - Death Rattle

Body Mods

LSDXOXO, Digital (2018)

'For me, The Art School has always been one of my favourite venues to play in. Last year it closed its doors, which for me spelt the end of one of Glasgow's longest-running institutions. I remember playing this song during my set when G140 supported M.I.C. & Sherelle. If you have watched Sherelle's breakthrough boiler room set, then imagine that multiply it by 100, add more limbs in the air and throw in some wheel ups - then you have the recipe for what was the best night of my life. Also, the Outlander - Vamp breakdown with the Mr. vegas vocal gets me every time.'

Technosis - Change Positions

"Change Positions"

Baltimore Breakbeat Records, 12" (Unknown)

'Wheelman played this one time at a Stereotone party way back when. Those parties were something else. I remember viewing those parties at La Cheetah like a communion everyone went to monthly. He sparked the idea of DJing to me and also gave me, and many others the chance to play - so big up Uncle Wheelman for that!'

More Fire Crew- Oi

More Fire Crew C.V.

Go! Beat, LP (2002)

'For anyone who remembers NTL, it was where you watched all your favourite tv programmes. I would beg my mum to add the music package so I could watch MTV base or Channel U. Back then Channel U was the only place I got my fix for anything coming out of London.'

Zed Bias - Neighbourhood 


 XL Recordings, Single (2000)

'This track was one of the first records I ever bought. During that time, the only stuff I listened to and collected were Uk Garage records. I never had decks of my own, so would take the only four 12" I owned and play them at my friend's. UKG will never die.'

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