Hometown Promotion

Thu 16 September, 2021

Photographs: Amadeus Brzezinski

At the tail end of last month we visited the Hometown Promotion lockup to chat about their most recent venture: Raggamuffin Records. Starting as an online lockdown project Ragamuffin's monthly pop up events have developed a cult following amongst Glasgow's dub diggers, their tucked away location prime for alleyway barbecues and late night lock ins alike.


Having spent the day talking records we got to see the Hometown team in action and hear what drove them to start the shop. As sound men they are clearly passionate about the culture and its rich history, their across-the-counter recommendations often backed by anecdotal stories spanning the breadth of dub's fascinating timeline. However Hometown Promotion - in ethos - goes above and beyond a good party or a vast selection, their systems name being a subtle hat tip to the life and work of reggae giants King Tubby and Sugar Minnot. Just like them Hometown see the power of music as a means of instilling a sense of community in those that engage with it. Its partly this infectious mentality that kept us at the Raggamuffin lock up: sharing jokes, stories, pizza, beer and music, well into the late eve hours. It's also the reason we'll be back again soon.




We've asked James from Hometown to select some of his favourite sounds, both recent and old, that inspired their system, the shop and its parties. Welshy, Campeazi and Sippa Seb chip in as well - and its quite the selection, so if 'you like your bird's maw and your dumplings raw' then keep scrolling.

King Kong - Unity

Unity / Tempo

Massive B, 7" (Unknown)

'A favourite cut with us on a classic riddim called Tempo, King Kong talks about having unity within your community, ridding the world of war and looking after each other'

Nicodemus - Mother In Law


Moods International Records, 12" (1992)

'Complete and utter party starter, even if you like yer birds maw and your dumplings raw'


Papasan - Acid


Main St., 7" (1993)

'Another one that gets the place rocking every time, it's one of our favourite versions on the milestone sleng teng riddim.'
(Sippa Seb)

Mikey Murka - Ride The Riddim

Ride The Riddim

Ruddy & Redeye Original Sounds, 7" (1986)

'Timeless Ribs production, head honcho of Unity Sound System. This one is THE UK 80's dancehall vibe.'


Tony Tuff - Mix Me Down

Mix Me Down

Kaya Records, 12" (1984)

'A Hometown favourite for many years, close to our hearts, live and dedicated to Supa Simon.'

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