Wed, 21 October, 2020

Feena embodies the spirit of a new generation of music fans finding their feet amongst some turbulent times. Hopeful and uplifting, she's an electric, Edinburgh based talent, harnessing the intricacies of music to inform and inspire her peers. We popped round for tea at Feena’s to chat finding music, mental health, community and noodles.   

Hand's Burn - Good Shot (Original Mix) 

Good Shot

No Trance Limit Records, 12" (1997)

'This is the track I mentioned which Saoirse played at Heaters. It still gives me a sense of euphoria when I listen to it and I can still picture the moment she played it. The second break gives me goosebumps.


Liam Robertson - Wrestling Halfbreak Fighting Taxa

Village Of Killin

Redstone Press, 12" (2019)

'Scottish producer on Redstone Press, this track is kind of the epitome of the dark, wonky but also wistful sound I’ve been listening to a lot of recently. The artwork for this EP is of a dam in Scotland, and listening to the earthy deep low end and ethereal echo-y vocals make me feel like I’m in a dark underground cave or something. Spooky.'

J Wax - Cloud City

Blink EP

Kouncil Records, 12" (2020)

I’m such a big fan of J Wax’s music. This is from his most recent EP on Kouncil Cuts label from Inverness.'

Africa Express - Terry Riley’s in C Mali (Parts 1 & 2)

Terry Riley's In C Mali

Transgressive Records, LP (2015)

'A version of In C by African musicians, recorded in Mali in October 2013, one 40 minute long piece with minimal composition and beautiful overlapping melodies. I find the repeating and progressing sections quite meditative and the piece feels like a range of different emotions. My dad gave me this on CD so has that other special nostalgic element for me too.'

Alliyah Enyo and Gabriel Levine Brislin - Ether


Self Released, Single (2015)

'Just gorgeous, makes me want to happy cry but so soothing. Converging arpeggio melodies and intimate vocals, produced by my good friend and constant creative inspiration.'

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