Edinburgh’s Hen Collective is a brand new arts project working to promote and exhibit the works of upcoming hens, femmes and thems. Last month’s exhibition showcased the surrealist films and paintings of artist Katherine Stanley, their work perfectly suited to the collective's unorthodox venue - an assuming bakery that sits just off the fork of Tollcross. 

We were lucky to catch up with the Hen Collective to find out more about their exciting new project, what inspire their ethos and what’s coming next.

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16th October 2021


Hysteria Aberdeen returns to Front Left, this time showcasing the life and work of Jamie McCormick.

Led by Hysteria’s co-founder Hanna Louise the conversation touches on Jamie’s recent virtual gigs, his headline performances at Hysteria and how coming out has influenced his creative practice.

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4th July 2021


Kieran Sim catches up with Gary Hunter, founder of Australian based platform 'Low End Theorists' to delve into the workings, inspirations and complications of running a music publication.

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11th June 2021


AT LAST - brought to you by Dundee's prestigious carpark institution 'Wooosh Gallery' and co. comes the hotly anticipated news column of the year. Have you ever wondered what Scotlands smallest larger-than-life city has to offer? Well look no FURTHER - your comprehensive guide to the centre of the universe starts here...

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14th May 2021

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Established in 2018, Hysteria is an Aberdeen based arts platform that showcases women, non-binary and gender marginalised creatives. Over the past three years, Hysteria has facilitated various events and projects including performance nights, protests, a poetry slam, writing workshops and zines. The following is a conversation between Hysteria co-founders Hanna Louise and Mae Diansangu.

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16th April 2021

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Shonagh Kelly shares a collection of portraits from her new series, capturing art school students, and recent graduates from such institutions, discussing how they are managing their circumstances, inspiration and thoughts for the future.​

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23rd March 2021

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Take a peak into Erin May Kelly's intimate conversation with label owner Ollie Turbitt, discussing Edinburgh's close knit music circuit, its DIY tape label scene, and the joys of of international collaboration.

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10th March 2021


Erin May Kelly reflects on the vulnerability of Scotland’s creative community and the paradoxical role of social media plays as our tether to the wider world.


Reflecting on Kae Tempest's recent novel 'On Connection' and the experiences of fellow creatives, Erin delves into the effects of this online migration; exploring the impact on the community and individuals, their mental health, their art and their connection to others.


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15th January 2020

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Arusa Qureshi closes out 2020 with sights set firmly on the future. Sharing her tips for 2021, Arusa shines a light on some of the rising stars in the Scottish music scene.


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 Arusa Qureshi 

20th December 2020


In his second article for Front Left Kieran Sim shares with us four of his favourite YouTube live performances that have kept him sane over lockdown. As he reflects on the ever growing ‘gig-shaped hole’ in his heart we are encouraged to do the same, looking into what music means to us, why it makes us move, laugh and sing.


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 Kieran Sim 

10th December 2020


In the third instalment of the Front Left podcast we spoke to Chris Bainbridge, one half of the band Man of Moon. Since releasing their debut single in 2015 - praised by the New York times as, 'the best debut single from a UK band since ‘Ceremony’ by New Order'.


Man of Moon have pushed their sound to new heights, toured Europe (with Django Django and the Twilight Sad) and recently released their highly anticipated debut album, Dark Sea. Chris shares with us what it’s like to deal with such lofty expectations, the music that’s  inspired him along the way and what’s on the horizon for himself and Man of Moon.


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 Chris Bainbridge 

5th December 2020


Former assistant general manager and resident at Glasgow's Flat 0/1, Calum Fleming reflects on the grassroots spirits of the, now closed, venue. Calum reminisces on what the club meant to him and the wider community; through conversations with friends, staff and DJ's, in a piece that paints an incredibly personal picture of the venues enduring legacy.

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13th November 2020


Kenza Marland reflects on the music that makes Scotland feel like home, through stand out albums, gigs and nights in loud spaces. 

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9th November 2020


Hngwy [Adam Zarecki] is a Glasgow based producer whose work demonstrates a painstaking attention to detail. Uncontent to linger in the realms of disco based house, Adam’s sound has transitioned into forward thinking jungle and IDM; exhibiting his comprehensive knowledge of dance music’s development and culture.


We visited Adam’s sun kissed studio for a chat about what inspired his departure from the world of disco, his early days of clubbing and the breakbeat revival.


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27th October 2020


Feena embodies the spirit of a new generation of music fans finding their feet amongst some turbulent times. Hopeful and uplifting she's an electric, Edinburgh based, talent, harnessing the intricacies of music to inform and inspire her peers. We popped round for tea at Feena’s to chat finding music, mental health, community and noodles.  


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21st October 2020


Kieran Sim explores the comforting loneliness of the enigmatic Anne Briggs on a ritual walk through Glasgow.


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21st October 2020

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